1. A Contact Us page is one of the essential components of every website. They make it easy for visitors and customers to get in touch with you. Just because it has your phone number doesn’t mean you have to phone it in, though. Here’s everything you need to create a useful, on-brand Contact Us page

Why Are Contact Pages Important? 

In the ideal world, customers would never need to reach out to customer support. In reality, even users of the most intuitive products and services have questions. When those questions arise, a painless process for solving them can help your customers stay customers. 


Displaying contact information is also a gesture of goodwill to people who aren’t your customers yet. 64% of visitors want to see the website’s contact information when they visit a new site. Seeing this information tells viewers that a website is legitimate and run by human beings. 

What Should be on a Contact Us Page?

A contact page should include multiple contact options. Some people like talking on the phone, others like email, and others like filling in a contact form. If customers can contact you the way that they prefer, they’ll have an easier time reaching out and associate your company with convenience. These options should include…


Email Address

Can be plain text or a clickable link

Physical Address

Including a map is a nice touch

Simple Contact Form

Facilitate easy and secure communications

Phone Number

If you make it clickable, smartphone users can call without leaving the site

Live Chat Message Box

Though a real person is preferable, a chatbot can also answer customers’ questions quickly

Social Media Icons

Link to your social media profiles with icons to encourage visitors to follow you


Do You Need a Contact Form? 

You may be asking yourself, “Do I really need a contact form? Customers can just send me an email.” Here are a few benefits of contact forms: 

  • Ease of communication
  • Security
  • Organization with email marketing
  • Lead Generation
  • Easy redirection between team members

A contact form may seem like more effort at first, but once you have one it will save you time and energy. 

A stack of envelopes with red and blue trim around the edges

What Fields Should You Include on Your Contact Form?

  • First and Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Company Name
  • Reason for Reaching Out

That’s it unless there are other questions that are absolutely necessary for conducting your business. People don’t like answering questions without clear relevance to what they’re doing, especially online. Age, phone number, city and state, or street address are particularly unpopular questions.

Make sure you clearly and concisely label each form field with headings above the input field and choose input types that make sense. Drop down menus have the worst conversion rates compared to text entry and multiple choice questions. File uploads should only be included for something like a job application that requires a resume or cover letter. You can do all of this with our contact form widget

Contact Us Page Best Practices

The back of a person in a winter coat and hat giving two thumbs up to the sides of their body

Include Links to FAQs

FAQs save time for your customers and your support team alike. Make sure they are easily accessible from the contact us page. You can even link to the knowledge base in the contact form so customers can see if their question has already been answered before they reach out to you and have to wait for your response. 

Set Expectations

Answer the following questions on your page: 

  • What should the contact form be used for? 
  • When and how will a customer hear back? 
  • What is the fastest way to get a response? 
  • What is the best way to reach a real person? 

Use a Fun CTA

Leaving your call to action at a simple “contact us” can seem boring and ominous. What do you hope to achieve by this conversation? Here are some fun alternatives: 


Drop us a line

Get in touch

Let’s talk

Reach out 

Let’s chat

Talk to us


Keep Design Consistent

The contact page may not be the most engaging part of the website, but that’s no reason to skimp on the page design. The visuals should be on-brand and consistent with the rest of your website. You don’t have to be an expert in web design to make your website’s visuals pop. 

Make it Easy to Find

A good contact page is easy to find so visitors can get in touch quickly. Hiding it might send the message that you don’t want people to reach out to you. “Contact Us” should be an option in the main menu in the header or footer of the website. Some websites even prominently use the contact information as the footer so visitors can find it regardless of where else they are on the site

An antique compass on a wooden table

Keep It Simple

Don’t make anything on your website needlessly complicated. The user experience is especially important for contact pages. When it comes to copywriting, don’t put any words on the page that don’t have a purpose and make sure anyone who isn’t an expert in your field can understand your directions. 

Redirect to a Thank You Page

When visitors fill in the contact form, the next thing they should see is a landing page that thanks them for reaching out, explains when and how you’ll get back to them, and includes links to helpful resources. 

Scrabble tiles spell out "Thank You" on a black background.

Get Creative

Believe it or not, a Contact Us page can be creative and interesting. Cool visuals, catchy copy, and well-placed humor can help visitors associate contacting your company with a positive experience before you’ve even responded. Some companies even include animations and videos to 

Show Real People From Your Customer Service Team

Customers like to know that a real person is helping them out. If you’re including pictures of people in your Contact Us page, don’t use stock photos. Use photos of your actual team members. It’s not just randos helping customers out, it’s Becky and Raj! 

25 Contact Page Examples to Inspire You

  1. Accenture

    Accenture's contact us page

    Accenture's Contact Page may not look exciting, but it's great at directing customers based on what question they have. 

  2. Atlassian


    Atlassian's Contact Us page


    Atlassian uses pictures of their staff to remind viewers that a human being is going to answer their questions. 

  3. The Band Agency


    The Band Agency's Contact Us Page


    The Band Agency's contact form is front and center, but their phone number and locations are also easy to find. 

  4. Ban.do


    Ban.do's Contact Us Page

    Ban.do uses cute, whimsical visuals to spice up and otherwise simple contact form. 

  5. Basecamp
    Bascamp's Contact Us Page
    The copy on Basecamp's contact page gives customers peace of mind that they care about what they have to say.

  6. Blue Bottle Coffee


    Blue Bottle Coffee's Contact Us Page
    Blue Bottle Coffee's Contact Us page is visually clean, no-nonsense, and easy to follow. They have a lot of email addresses, but they display them all helpfully. 

  7. Brightlocal


    Brightlocal's Contact Us Page

    Brightlocal sorts its inquiries into categories, but it's intuitive and not too tedious.

  8. Choice Screening
    Choice Screening's Contact Us Page

    Who hasn't said "I want to talk to a human" while calling customer service? Choice Screening lets visitors know right away that they can do just that when they call them. 
  9. Copper
    Copper's Contact Us Page

    Copper does a great job of setting expectations by having separate buttons for support and sales and explaining what kinds of queries each one is for.

  10. Dollar Shave Club

    Dollar Shave Club's Contact Us Page

    Dollar Shave Club's stripped down Contact Us page integrates FAQs from the dropdown menu. "Questions not answered? Contact us" encourages visitors to peruse them before reaching out without seeming pushy. 

  11. FocusLab


    FocusLab's Contact Us Page

    The "Let's chat," "new business" and "or just say hello" headlines are inviting and low-pressure. They communicate that different contact methods are for different purposes without telling readers what to do. 

  12. Glossier

    Glossier's Contact Us Page

    Buying makeup can lead to a lot of questions. What shade looks best on me? What's the difference between these two products? Will this make my skin break out? That's why Glossier assures their customers that they're here to help! 

  13. Grammarly

    Grammarly's Contact Us Page

    Grammarly's Contact Us page is neat, informative, and concise. Just what you'd expect from a spelling and grammar tool. 

  14. Hootsuite

    Hootsuite's Contact Us Page

    Hootsuite's contact page is great at laying out all of the options for connecting with them. 

  15. Hubspot

    Hubspot's Contact Us Page

    Hubspot's contact page has it all! Different categories for sales and support, a chat box, Google Maps of their locations, a CTA button for a free demo, and a picture of an employee in a headset. 

  16. Infinum

    Infinum's  Contact Us Page

    Infinum's contact page doesn't have any pictures, but the pyramid setup leads the viewer's eyes through all the information. 

  17. Kick Point

    Kick Point's Contact Us Page
    Kick Point's contact page is on-brand with its trendy visuals and cheeky copy. 

  18. Let's Travel Somewhere

    Lets Travel Somewhere's Contact Us Page

    A travel blog using a postcard for their Contact Us Page design is cute, clever, and appropriate. 

  19. Medium

    Medium's Help/Contact Us Page

    Medium also does a great job of integrating FAQs and contact information. 

  20. The Middle Finger Project

    Middle Finger Project's Contact. Us Page

    The copy on The Middle Finger Project's Contact Us page may not be appropriate for everyone, but it's perfectly on-brand for them. When even contacting you makes the visitor laugh, you know you have a strong brand voice. 

  21. Moz

    Moz's Contact Us Page

    Moz uses the quintessential, textbook example of a contact form.  

  22. Scribd

    Scribd's Contact Us Page
    Scribd is a great example of making it intuitive for customers to know which category to contact. Placing the Google Map of their location at the top of the page is also a nice touch. 

  23. Tune

    Tune's Contact Us Page
    Tune's purple and blue-tinted featured image and "Let's start a conversation" headline are inviting and hip. 

  24. Yeti

    Yeti Coolers' Contact Us Page

    "While we're good with smoke signals, there are simpler ways for us to get in touch and answer your questions" is excellent copy for an outdoorsy company!

  25. Zendesk

    Zendesk's Contact Us Page

    The quirky photos and drawing style of the icons make Zendesk's contact page on-brand and enjoyable. 

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