What is Canva?

Canva is a design program that helps even those with the least graphic design skills among us to create professional-looking designs using templates and pre-loaded design elements. 

Who Uses Canva?

Canva can be useful for 

and anyone else with design needs. Free membership is available and so are Canva pro plans for teams of various sizes. Educators and registered nonprofit organizations can get premium membership features for free. 

How to Use Canva Templates

When you’re on Canva, you can start with a blank design or choose a template. Follow this step by step guide to create your own designs on Canva using templates for a starting point. 

Choose a Design Type

Use the search bar on the homepage or scroll through the categories to select the type of project you want to create. 

The search bar and category suggestions on Canva's homepage

Browse Available Templates

Once you’ve chosen a product type, look through the available templates to find one that meets your needs and design tastes. Pro templates are indicated with a crown logo, free templates do not have it. 

Template suggestions in the editor

Preview Templates

To preview a template before you start using it, hover over it, click the three dots that appear, and click “preview this template.”

A preview of a Happy Father's Day Instagram post

Use a Template

To use a template, click on it Then, you’ll be directed to the editor.

A template in the editor screen

Social Media Canva Templates

Canva’s social media templates allow users to create graphics and posts that fit each platform’s sizing specifications. You can use these to

  • convert text-only social media posts into visuals
  • create cover photos for your latest promotion
  • resize photos so they show up just right

And more. 

Instagram Templates

Instagram Posts

An Instagram post template with text that reads "Coming Soon, Stay Tuned"

Instagram Stories

An Instagram Story that says "Ukraine in our hearts" over a background of the Ukrainian flag

Instagram Ads

An Instagram ad for a taco truck deal

Facebook Templates

Facebook Posts

A "We Are Hiring!" Facebook post graphic with an illustration of a megaphone

Facebook Covers

A Facebook cover photo of a cityscape at sunset and text over top that reads "Daydreamer"

Facebook Ads

A greyscale Facebook ad for a new furniture collection

Facebook Videos

An animated wedding invitation in an art deco-like visual style

YouTube Templates

YouTube Thumbnails

A YouTube Thumbnail with a picture on a person putting cash in their pocket and text that reads "How to Make Money in 2022"

YouTube Intros

A purple and blue gradient YouTube intro for a tech video

YouTube Channel Art

A pink and yellow, video game-themed YouTube Channel art Template

YouTube Video Ads

A bright, sunny YouTube video ad for a bakery

Twitter Templates

Twitter Posts

A bright, minimal Twitter post promoting International Day of Happiness

Twitter Headers

A Twitter header for a beauty and travel blog. The picture is of the ocean on a clear day

Twitter Ads

A black and white Twitter ad for a clothing store

Twitter Videos

Text that reads "A just world is a world where education is accessible to all" over a video of children sitting down at desks in a classroom.

Pinterest Templates

Pinterest Pins

Screen Shot 2022-03-07 at 1.42.35 PM

Pinterest Idea Pins

An idea pin template for a tortilla wrap recipe

Pinterest Video Pins

Text that reads "Budgeting tips for Studying abroad" over a video of a student using a computer.

TikTok Templates

TikTok Videos

A beige TikTok template with text that reads "Skyrocket your business with these tips!"

TikTok In-Feed Ads

Text that reads "Color that stays all day?" over a video of woman sitting at a counter pointing at the text

TikTok Backgrounds

A background pattern of smiling cat and sparkling heart emojis

TikTok End Frames

Text that reads "Follow @reallygreatsite" over an image of a girl holding flowers


LinkedIn Posts

A "We're Hiring" graphic featuring a smiling young professional

LinkedIn Banners

A LinkedIn banner featuring a workstation scene from above and text that reads "Richard Sanchez, Graphic Designer, Hello@rellygreatsite.com"

LinkedIn Ads

Text that reads "We promote sustainable living" over an aerial shot of a field

Presentation Canva Templates

No one likes a boring slideshow with the corny PowerPoint animations. Presentation templates for a variety of purposes and formats can make the next time you get up and present in front of people sing. 

Presentation 16:9

A cartoony slideshow template. The first slide says "Fauget High School Class Syllabus" and has a picture of a laughing cat.

Talking Presentations

A pink and white slideshow template. The first slide says "Communicating with Colleagues"

Mobile-First Presentations

A beige phone-shaped slideshow template. The first slide says "Cinnavase Botanicals Poetry Project: Storytelling Through Flowers" and has an illustration of a flower

Office Document Canva Templates 

Canva templates can make easy to use digital and physical documents for office needs. 


A calendar featuring black and white photos of models

Corporate Reports

An orange financial report template with a picture of a chihuahua on the cover


A neutral toned daily planner template

Business Letters

A letterhead with a bold turquoise outline


A business proposal template with a picture of a skyscraper on each page

Graphic Organizers

A short story writing flowchart in pink and blue


An invoice template with pink decorative accents


A minimalist Fashion Week Checklist


A simple memo template with a green frame, two paperclips, and a title that reads "Just a Memo"


A black and white notebook cover with doodled patterns

eBook Covers

A technology media ebook cover with an abstract blue design

Print Product Canva Templates 

Templates on Canva aren’t just for online business. You can also use them for a variety of physical products. 


A trifold "student program" brochure with a photo of a student and a photo of a modern building.

Business Cards

A business card for a photographer with a turquoise and gold marble-like design


A red "Happy Chinese New Year" banner


A multicolored postcard that reads "Let us find your dream home"

Yard Signs

A sign that reads "Our booth is this way" with an illustration of a neon hoodie.


A 1920s themed Prom invitation


A poster about how to book a vaccine appointment with medical clip art around the sides.


A blue "We are hiring!" flyer with an illustration of an arm holding a megaphone.

Photo Books

A retro-style photo book titled "Our Tropical Getaway"


A fashion newsletter featuring a model in a coat and hat

Magazine Covers

A magazine cover featuring a model sitting backwards on a chair


A neutral toned resume template for a marketing professional.

Label Stickers

A label with text that reads "Blood Orange Citrus Fruits" over a photo of various citrus fruits.


A cheeseburger logo


An abstract design with text that reads "Art is Life"

Education Canva Templates

Teachers can use these templates to make planning and teaching easier. 


A worksheet for small children about the short I vowel with pictures and clues for words like "bin, fin, tin, win, and big."

Lesson Plans

A lesson plan template with a light blue frame and various cartoony characters

Google Classroom Headers

A header image that reads "Welcome to our virtual classroom" and features an illustration of a student using a computer

Classroom Banners

A banner that reads 'Let's get to learning" with shapes around the edges

Report Cards

A basic report card template

Template Bundles

You can purchase template bundles for Canva from a variety of third-party sellers. Some are grouped by platform, others are grouped by type of business. 

Create Your Own Canva Templates

Once you’ve gotten the hang of creating Canva designs, try your hand at creating your own templates. Some people even sell premium templates on Etsy, Creative Market, FilterGrade, and other digital goods marketplaces. The process is similar to creating your own design, but there are a few differences that make it a template. 

Choose a Blank Template

Every category on Canva has a blank template as the first option. Select that to start creating your own template. 

A blank Twitter post in the editor

Choose a Background

The background can be a solid color, a pattern, or an image. To upload your own images and patterns, click the upload button and add them to your template. 

Suggested backgrounds in the sidebar

Add Elements

Once you’ve chosen your background, click the elements button to browse lines, shapes, stickers, frames, and vector art. Once you add them to your template, you can change the color and transparency, flip them, and duplicate them. 

Suggested elements in the sidebar

Add Text

Click the Text button to add sample headings, subheadings, and body text. Once the “Add a Heading” text box is in your template, click on it to type your own text and edit it from the toolbar at the top. This includes changing fonts, text size, text color, and other normal text editing stuff. 

A low-effort example demonstrating what the text box looks like and where you can edit the text.

Create the Next Page

If your template needs more than one page, click the “Add Page” button at the bottom. To make it easier to stick with the theme, click the + icon above the page to copy the current page onto the next one. 

A design with two identical pages

Download Files

Once you’re satisfied with your template, download the file. That way you can have it for your own reference and add it to a listing if you’re selling your template. They suggest downloading still Canva designs as PNGs, but you can also save them as JPGs and PDFs. Videos are saved as MP4s and animations are saved as GIFs. Canva Pro users also have the option to save as SVGs. 

The download options menu

Edit the Share Settings

Click “Share” at the top of the page to see the share options. Then, toggle on link sharing and select “Publish as a template.” Otherwise, anyone with the link can make changes to your design. 

Screen Shot 2022-03-07 at 4.31.53 PM

The view link and template link to copy and share.

How Sav Can Help

Canva may be one of our favorite tools, but it’s far from the only one that can help small business owners and other creators succeed online. No matter what external tools you use, trust us with building and promoting your website. Start building today to learn more!

Luca Harsh

Luca Harsh

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