One of the most important aspects of selling your domain is getting in front of the right audience. If you’re having difficulty getting in front of your target market there are a few things you can do.  Try increasing your SEO or domain authority, optimizing backlinks, and listing in multiple marketplaces. The bigger the audience you pull, the more likely you are to sell your domain for more. Reach the right buyers with these tips. 

Taking Advantage of For Sale Landers

Having actual content on your site will help ensure that the right individuals are seeing it. That being said, 20% of the traffic your domain will get is from someone typing it into their browser. The easiest way to see if a domain is available is to go to the domain itself. Having a landing page expressing that the domain is for sale will guarantee that anyone visiting knows that it’s for sale. This can streamline the purchasing process for you and the user experience for the buyer. 

One way to maximize your for sale lander are redirect pages. If you own any other domains or websites, have links from those pages to the domain you want to sell. These conversions will ensure that your other domains are working hard for you. In addition, those links will help with search engine optimization. 

Links, Links, Links

Link building is going to be your best friend when it comes to getting visibility for your domain. The more links that go to your domain, the higher they will appear in the search. Having a site redirect to your domain name will either drive more traffic to your site resulting in higher search engine optimization, or get them to your for sale lander. Make sure that your domain name page isn’t just idle. Throw up an advertisement, or have a high-quality website so that when users visit, there’s either added value or an opportunity for a sale. If you are unable to do this organically, there are services that do the work for you. 

Remember with backlinking that quality is better than quantity. If you have several untrustworthy sites linking to your domain name, it could actually hinder your SEO. It’s better to have three reputable sites link to you than 30 unreputable sites. 


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Selling on Multiple Marketplaces

One way to gain exposure is to list your domain in several different marketplaces. Buyers go to marketplaces or registrars to buy domains. Make sure your domain name has a presence on these sites. While one could go ahead and list their domain in several registrars, another way to streamline the process is to list your domain through a bulk listing service. One service we recommend is Sedo. SedoMLS will promote your domain across 650 marketplaces. This kind of service allows you to hand over the work of managing your domain to a third party.

Utilize Forums

Another way to get buyers to see your domain is using domain forums. On NamePros, there are forums for connecting domain buyers and sellers. It’s likely that if a buyer is on a domain forum, they are highly motivated to purchase. Establishing an online presence on forums is an excellent way to create further reputability in the domain world. 

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Domain Authority

Domain authority is a score given to a domain based on how likely the domain is to rank in search engine result pages. This is not to be confused with page authority. Page authority is the score that is given to specific web pages. Domain authority is for the domain itself. Having a high domain authority score helps give you a picture of what your visibility is like and how you compare to competitors. 

What’s A High Domain Authority Score? 

Domain authority is scaled from 1 to 100. Higher numbers translate into better rankings in search engines. So what’s the perfect domain authority score? This metric is an interesting one because there is no perfect score. Since domain authority is based on comparison, the way you would judge if a score is good or bad is by comparing it to your competitors. Let’s say you own, and your domain authority score is 55. You look at your competitors and, and their domain authority scores range from 38-48. You then have a high domain authority score since you’re the closest to 100 within your category. 

To view your score, you can go to SEMRush and navigate to their domain overview. Here you will find your authority score, and it will let you know what your ranking is. Another site to verify your score is Moz


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How Can I Improve My Domain Authority Score? 

You can do several things to improve your score and increase visibility to your domain. The first is improving SEO. SEO is all about driving organic traffic to your site so you can hopefully land on the first page of a user’s Google search. This is only applicable if you have a live site on your domain. If you don’t, you can optimize for sale landers on your domain to increase visibility. Increasing SEO means using keywords, having image tags, and utilizing meta descriptions. Several sites have SEO tools that can assist you in ranking higher in search queries. Having higher SEO doesn’t only help your domain authority score but helps get you in front of the right people. 

Another way to improve your domain authority score is using backlinks. Backlinks are links to your domain page from other sites. This makes your site reputable in SERPs (search engine result pages). According to Google, having high quality links to your page makes you a trusted resource across the Internet for quality content. In addition, the domain will pop up higher in search results. 

How Can Sav Help?

Sav has a plethora of resources to help you increase your domain view rate. Take advantage of listing your domain for auction or putting it on the marketplace so buyers can see that it’s available.

Ana Hobson

Ana Hobson

Ana Hobson is a marketing coordinator at Sav.