If you have a domain name you’ve been trying to sell for a while that you just can’t get rid of, you may be wondering if you should list it for sale on a different site than it is currently listed on. Listing a domain for sale on multiple platforms is common in the domain world and can really optimize your chances of selling your domain aftermarket. More platforms means more exposure, but it also means more to manage. Listing your domain on multiple sites might be just what you need to sell your domain, but there are definitely some things to consider before you start cross-listing. 

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Do Your Research

Not every domain marketplace allows you to list your domain on other sites. Make sure to read the terms and conditions of each site to avoid any trouble once you sell your domain. Another thing to consider is the commission rates of each site. Every domain marketplace has different commission rates and it is important to consider them when choosing what platforms to list your domain on. Afternic and Sedo, both two of the largest domain marketplaces out there, charge 15% commission on sales up to $5,000 while other smaller marketplaces charge much less. Here at Sav, our commission rates are some of the lowest out there at only 4%!

The Upside: More Exposure

The most important thing when selling domain names is to find the right buyer. Think of landing pages on domain marketplaces as free ads for your domain. The more you have, the more potential buyers are reached. Listing your domain on multiple sites can introduce your domain to a new audience of potential buyers that it otherwise wouldn’t reach if it is only listed on one. This is why many domain investors opt to use this strategy.

The Downside: More to Manage

Cross-listing your domains is a great way to increase domain sales, but it requires you as the seller to be very vigilant about keeping all of your listings up to date. Let’s say you have a domain name for sale on Afternic, Sav and Sedo and it sells on Sav. You must make sure to take the name down from Sedo and Afternic as soon as it sells on Sav. You do not want to sell a domain name on two different marketplaces to two different buyers. This situation is rare, but definitely not impossible, especially when it comes to premium domain names or particularly brandable domain names. This will cause you to lose some credibility as a seller and will leave you in a sticky situation with both buyers. 

Although it is okay to cross-list your domain name, if it goes up for auction, you need to remove it from other sites. Domain auctions are tricky because once it is active you agree to exclusively list, market and sell the domain through the associated registrar.

Tips For Successful Domain Sales

If you have a substantial domain portfolio, keeping track of all of your listings without double selling may seem daunting. A great way to avoid double selling your domain name is to only list your domain name for a fixed price or “buy it now” on one site and “make an offer” on another site. This prevents you from double selling the domain name as you have to approve an offer before the purchase is completed. 

More so, your domain name’s landing page can only link to one marketplace. Consider which marketplace has the best commission rate or transfer rate and decide from there which to feature on your landing page.

Let a Marketplace Do The Work For You

Some marketplaces will automatically list your domain in a network of marketplaces. Afternic, for example, offers Afternic Sell Everywhere. With Afternic Sell Everywhere, Afternic will display your domain for sale on 120+ domain marketplaces for a higher commission rate. Sedo also offers a similar service, SedoMLS. Also for a higher rate, Sedo will promote your domain on 650 marketplaces. Using a service like this to promote your domain sales is a great option to gain the most exposure for your domain while not getting overwhelmed with listings to manage. 



What Happens if I Sell My Domain Name to Two Different Buyers?

Even if you’re the most organized domain investor ever, there is still a chance you may find yourself in a situation where your domain sells on multiple sites. So what then? In this case, explain to the second potential buyer that the name has already been purchased and was listed by mistake. Then offer to connect them with the new owner of the domain so that they can make an offer. Although unfortunate, these things happen and it is best to take accountability and move on.

Ready to Start Selling? 

Even the best domain names can slip through the cracks if they aren’t reaching the right audience. Try listing your domain today on Sav.com. We have an active marketplace full of potential buyers and not to mention, an unbelievably low commission rate (only 4%).


Olivia Pope

Olivia Pope