The best domain name investors always research their investments. Whether it’s to look up a specific domain name’s

  • Approximate value
  • Availability
  • Traffic history
  • Sale and auction listings
  • DNS information
  • Updates on changes to its status

Or to browse good domain names to purchase or backorder, these domain research tools will help set you up for domaining success. 

What is Domain Name Investing? 

Buying domains with the intention to profit from them is called domain investing, domain name investing, or domaining. The strategy most commonly associated with domain investment is known as domain flipping. This is the act of buying domains and selling them at a profit when the value goes up. Domain investing can also include cash parking, which is the act of putting ads up on a parked page to make a passive income from the clicks. 

Domain Investment Value Factors

There may not be an exact formula for domain name pricing, but there are factors that determine their value. These include, but are not limited to:


Because they’re easy to type and remember, shorter domain names are almost always more valuable than longer ones. Three letter domain names are in particularly high demand among domain investors. 

A series of ruler illustrations at different heights

Top Level Domain

The industry term for domain name extensions like .COM, .NET, or .ORG is top level domain, or TLD for short. The name of the website is called a standard level domain, shortened to SLD. 

Some TLDs are in higher demand than others. For example .COM domains are typically more in demand than other TLDs, which makes them more valuable. 

The domain with a bracket labeled "SLD" around sav and a bracket that reads "SLD" around .com


Older domains are typically more valuable than new domains, especially if that history includes website traffic. If a domain has been around a long time, it’s likely that it’s useful. One exception to this rule is domains related to future events that are likely to trend. 

A minimalist graphic of a birthday cake

Traffic History

 Previous traffic is a good indicator for potential traffic in the future. That’s why domains with a history of attracting traffic are more valuable than domains without any traffic history. You can use any SEO research tool to see a domain’s traffic history, number and quality of backlinks, and other similar information. 

Arrows pointing to the right


There is more demand for domain names that are:

  • Common words and abbreviations
  • Easy to spell and pronounce
  • Keywords relevant to an industry, geographic area, or event

Keyword research will tell you if the word(s) in a domain correspond with successful search terms. 

Four dollar signs in a graphic

WHOIS Lookup

The WHOIS record is the source of truth for domain names. When you perform a WHOIS search on a domain, you can find: 

  • The registry and current registrar
  • The expiration date
  • The owner’s contact information
  • Details about the domain’s status

You can perform one on your computer’s terminal, but if you’re not used to interpreting data this way, a web-based WHOIS lookup is important to have in your domainer tool belt.

A user-friendly WHOIS lookup tool. Here's what the WHOIS information for looks like on there. 

The lookup for


A regular and reverse WHOIS lookup tool. This means you can look up the information by entering a domain, email address, or keyword. Here's the same lookup on Whoisology. 

The WHOISology lookup for

DomainTools Historical WHOIS

A typical WHOIS tool only shows the current ownership of the domain in question. With a historical WHOIS lookup, you can also see the previous versions and when they changed. Here's's WHOIS history:

"We have 412 historical records for The oldest record dates back more than 20 years."

Domain History and Search Tools

These tools will help you learn more about a domain’s history, traffic, and more. 

DomainTools Reverse IP Lookup

Enter an IP address to see all of the domains currently hosted there. Here's a reverse IP lookup of one of their example IP addresses. 

The reverse IP lookup with one to the example IP addresses they gave.

DomainTools Reverse NS Lookup

Enter any nameservers and see all of the domains currently pointed there. Here's the lookup for Sav: 

A results screen showing that there are 830,527 domains pointed to nameservers

URL Trends

Instantly retrieve traffic statistics and competitive data for any URL. 

The home page for URL trends

The Wayback Machine

See the history of over 669 billion web pages. Here's their graph of how many times has been saved:

A bar graph peaking in 2021

Check domain availability in real time and get related suggestions fast. Here are their suggestions for "dog": suggesting,,,, and the TLDs .dog and .do/g

Domain Name Generators

Domain and business name generators are great for finding domains to invest in if you don't have anything in particular in mind. 

Company Name Generator

Find the perfect name for your company and click on it to see if the matching domain is available. You can enter a keyword or generate ideas at random. 

The home page of Company Name Generator with tiles that read signal, sense, solid, atlas, money, method, active, auto, echo, and over


If you’re looking for a business name that doesn’t have a meaning on its own, this is the name generator for you. Click the button to randomly generate a company name and check availability for the corresponding domain. 

The Dot-O-Mator home page suggesting Izu

Bust A Name

Enter multiple words and the tool will combine them into available domains. 

Bust A Name's suggestions based on cat, coffee, house, gossip, home, family, and scandal:,,,,, and

Search by Keyword

Similarly, if you have a topic in mind but not any specific domains, these tools let you search available domains by keyword and get suggestions. 


A popular domain name search engine and suggestion tool. 

DomainsBot's home page


Use their domain name generator to pick your perfect domain name. If you need inspiration from other users, you can hold a name contest and choose a winner from their submissions. 

NameStation's suggestions based on "pizza"


A user-friendly way to search available domains by keyword.

LeanDomainSearch's suggestions based on "coffee"


This popular name generator includes domain names, business names, blog names, and more! 

NameBoy's suggestions based on "photographer"


Generate available domains by keyword. 

Randomainer's suggestions based on "video"

Domain Name Soup

Domain Name Soup is a free domain name generator tool to help you find available domain names, watch taken domains, monitor and sort your own domains and ensure you don't let your domains expire.

Domain Name Soup's "cool" suggestions based on "artist"


Search for available domains by keyword and find suggestions with prefixes, suffixes, typos, and synonyms. 

Domainling's prefix suggestions based on "startup"

Domain Name Forums and Blogs

Got questions about domains that these tools can’t answer? Hit up any of these sites to get insight from the pros. 


The most popular domain investing forum. 

Namepros discussions page


A source of news and humor related to domain investing. 

Screen Shot 2022-03-18 at 3.10.54 PM

A one stop shop for domain investors. You can get news, tool recommendations, links to relevant databases, and more.'s home page

Domain Name Wire

A blog that covers topics related to domain name industry news, wordpress, and webhosting. 

Domain Name Wire's home page


Articles and videos by domainers for anyone interested in learning more about investing in domains. 

Domain Sherpa's home page

How Sav Can Help

No matter which domain research tools you use, a solid, affordable registrar is the best place to start. That’s why Sav offers features like: 

  • Wide domain name selection
  • Industry low prices
  • 4% commission rate
  • Free SSL and WHOIS privacy
  • DNS powered by CloudFlare 
  • Partnership with the Sedo and Afternic networks

Register today to make your domain investments go further! 

Luca Harsh

Luca Harsh

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