What is NamePros?

NamePros.com is the premier online community for domain name investors. It includes discussion threads, an educational blog, and even its own domain marketplace. In short, using it will open the door to a whole new world of domain investors and the knowledge they can provide.

What Can You Do On NamePros?

Short answer: pretty much anything related to domain investing and domain sales and purchases. Here are a few of the notable things you can use it for: 

Network With Domain Investors

On the meet and greet forum, introduce yourself and get to know people in the community who share your interests. 

The Networking Meet and Greet page

Ask Questions

Domain Name Discussion is the place to ask questions and share your knowledge. You can easily view discussions you participated in and where you were the thread starter. 

The Domain Name Discussion page

Learn From the Blog

The NamePros blog is a great resource for news, events, interviews, and sales strategy for the domain name industry. 

The NamePros Blog homepage

Buy and Sell Domains on Their Marketplace

NamePros has their own domain marketplace where you can create Buy It Now (BIN) listings, start domain auctions, and create offer-only listings. We wouldn’t recommend using it as the only place you list your domains, but it’s a great addition to your rotation if investors are your target audience. 

Screen Shot 2022-03-30 at 3.17.11 PM

Promote External Domain Auctions

If you listed a domain for auction somewhere else and aren’t getting as many bids as you hoped, promote it on this thread. Browse it if you’re looking for auctions and aren’t picky about the platform they’re on. 

The external auction submission rules

Request Domains

Looking for .xyz domains with geographic keywords? Try the Domain Buyer Requests tab, formerly known as Domain Names Wanted. 

The Domain Buyer Requests page

Appraise Domains

Some domain investors use appraisal tools like Estibot or Flippa. Others get them from NamePros. Any user can get a free domain appraisal from the community. Members with gold accounts can get professional appraisals. A domain is worth what people are willing to pay for it, so it makes perfect sense to ask people who could be buyers. 

The domain appraisals page

Interact With Domain Registrars

One of the biggest perks of using NamePros is interacting directly with representatives from domain registrars. Sav, Godaddy, Sedo, Afternic, Namecheap, Namesilo, Namejet and more have branded NamePros accounts for interacting with the user base. 

How to Create an Account

  1. Click Register
  2. Enter an email address and answer a security question
  3. Click Register
  4. Open the email they sent and click Confirm Email Address
  5. Set a username and password
  6. Enter your date of birth
  7. Answer a security question
  8. Agree to the terms and conditions
  9. Click Register

From there, you can go back to the home page or edit your account details. 

The initial registration pop-up

Buying and Selling Domains on NamePros

Domain sales and purchases on NamePros work a little differently than they do on other marketplaces. They split the marketplace up into categories like:

Fixed Price

Domain Auctions

Make Offer

Top Domains

Liquid Domains

Numeric Domains

Brandable Domains

New Generic TLDs

Country Code TLDs

Adult Domains

Exclusive Domains

Traffic Domains


From there, you can browse a list of domains. When you find one that you want, click on the thread to arrange the purchase.

NamePros Account Levels

 The more active you are on NamePros, the more perks you get. You can also get extra perks with paid memberships. 

Free Accounts

When a new member first joins NamePros, they have limited account functionality to prevent spam. Once the member has proven themself, they can get the limitations removed. 

A price tag that says Free

New Member

All members begin at this account level

  • 2 active marketplace listings, 2 free bumps a day
  • 1 active appraisal request, 1 free bump a day
  • Signature (1 line; 1 link; 50 characters)
  • Account limitations

Established Member

All established contributors to the community

  • 2 active marketplace listings, 2 free bumps a day
  • 1 active appraisal request, 1 free bump a day
  • Signature (1 line; 2 links; 100 characters)
  • Account limitations lifted


VIP membership cannot be purchased but may be awarded to prominent members. It includes all the benefits of an Established Member, Plus:

Automatically granted to community leaders once all of these qualifications are met:

  • 750+ Posts
  • 350+ Likes/Thanks
  • 365+ Days of Membership
  • Account is open and in good standing

Paid Accounts

There are two tiers of paid memberships: blue and gold. Each has different benefits. 

A prize Ribbon

Blue Account

Most benefits of a VIP, Plus:

  • 4 active marketplace listings, 4 free bumps a day
  • 3 active appraisal requests, 2 free bumps a day
  • Bypass all New Member limitations
  • Signature (3 lines; 4 links; 208 characters)
  • Custom title below your username on each post
  • Priority customer support
  • Special account badge
  • $5 per month

Gold Account

All the benefits of a Blue Account, Plus:

  • Access to the Insiders Club
  • Stand out with highlighted threads to increase visibility
  • 6 active marketplace listings
  • 4 active appraisal requests, Access to Professional Appraisals
  • User name change upon request
  • Signature (4 lines; unlimited links; 260 characters)
  • Allowed a separate free or Blue account 
  • No limit on the number of Gold accounts 
  • $10 per month or $99 per year

Services and Resources

Here are a few other helpful shortcuts to help you make the most of the community. 

Beginner Resources

The Beginner Resources page is an archive of useful topics for NamePros newbies. There’s also a forum specifically for domain beginners to ask questions about the domain industry. 

The top of the Beginner Resources Page highlighting The Basics and Helpful Discussions

Pro Network

A private VIP group that members can request to join once they meet certain sales and revenue requirements. 

The eligibility criteria for the Pro Network

Popular Discussions

Browse the top topics on NamePros and the most popular discussions and content within them. 

Popular Discussions categories

The Break Room

Discussion threads about topics unrelated to domain investing. Topics include anything from current events and politics to what TV shows you’re watching. 

FAQs, Rules, and Help Guides

Learn more about using NamePros from setting up an account to participating in discussions to buying and selling domains. 

How Sav Can Help

Anyone from new domainers to seasoned professionals can find a registrar home with Sav. That’s why we offer features like:

  • 4% commission
  • Low prices
  • Free SSL and WHOIS privacy
  • An affordable website builder
  • DNS powered by cloudflare
  • Partnership with the Sedo and Afternic networks

Create an account today to get started!

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Luca Harsh

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