Requesting a backordered domain name allows you to acquire a domain once it hits its expiration date. Some registrars charge for backorder requests, others only charge if you actually acquire the domain. The process gives you a great pool of TLDs to choose from.

How Do Domain Names Get On Backorder Request?

When a domain is about to expire the current owner receives a 30-day redemption period in most cases. Owners usually receive this notice after a year of domain name registration. During the redemption period the domain owner can renew for an additional cost. If the owner doesn’t decide to renew during the extended period, the owner forfeits their right to renew the domain again. 

At this point the domain goes into a status called Pending Delete. While a domain is in pending delete, the public doesn't have access to buy or occupy the domain. The period during pending delete is five days, once the five days is over the domain goes to the individual who put in the first backorder request.


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Why Purchase Expired Domain Names?

There are several reasons why expired domain names can be so valuable. They are a great option for reselling. In many cases when an individual purchases a backordered domain name the previous owner will buy it back from them. If that’s not the case there are other aspects that make the domain name valuable. Having a domain name that already had traffic means that it had an SEO presence.  SEO is valuable when it comes to reselling the domain or using it as a for lander. Past traffic means more revenue for you.

The Backorder Process

For most registrars you will:

  • Go to your domain control center 
  • Navigate to buying or selling options 
  • Select the backordering option
  • Click Public
  • Agree to the terms and conditions

From here you will enter in the expired domain and then enter in your email address. Upon entering in your email address you will submit payment information, like a credit card or backorder credit for the new domain and then will have successfully submitted your domain backorder request. The process varies from registrar to registrar but it should be fairly similar across the board.

Canceling a Backorder Request

Let’s say you put in a request for, and decide a few days later that you don’t want it anymore. In most cases, you can cancel the backorder as long as you request it before the grace period. Most registrars’ rule is that you must cancel the request 24 hours prior to when the domain becomes available. If you cancel the backorder less than 24 hours before the domain becomes available you won’t be able to remove it and may be charged for the domain if it’s successfully registered. If this does happen to you and you do get charged, some registrars will allow you at times to request a refund. This varies registrar to registrar, but most will have an answer to this question in their FAQ section.

What Are Backorder Auctions?

Once the domain backorder has completed the pending delete process it is up to your registrar to grab the domain. This is why its of the utmost importance you choose a registrar that's going to work the hardest for you and the domain you want. One tip to increase your chances of getting a backordered domain is to place backorder requests on the domain with several registrars. That way whoever is able to attain the domain you have a chance of buying the domain or auctioning other individuals for it.

If your registrar is able to acquire the backordered domain then all the individuals who backordered the domain will receive a notification via email from that registrar. Depending on whether multiple people placed a backorder on the domain there will be an auction. Whoever placed the first backorder is given courtesy and automatically given the starting bid for the auction. Once the auction starts anyone who placed a backorder request on the domain is able to bid. 

Note that if only one user put in a request for a domain that it will automatically go to them and no auction will be held.

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The Domain I Purchased Through Backorder Was Deleted

If you got your domain name backorder and it was added to your control panel and it suddenly deleted, most likely there was a payment process error. Each registrar has their own guidelines, but for the most part if they can’t process your payment within a few days they will pull the domain from your account. Note that in most cases you will receive email reminders every time that payment is tried. Remember that when paying for a backorder you are paying for the backorder price, not the registration price. 

If you find that you are still having issues with seeing your premium domain in your control panel go to the search bar of your registrar and see if it’s still available.

Can I Add Privacy to My Domain Name Backorder?

Most registrars are unable to offer privacy options on backorders when they first go into your account. Once the domain is in your account you can opt into protecting your domain for most registrars, unless it’s automatically included when the domain transfers over. These privacy options allow you to stay protected when an individual does a WHOIS lookup. These lookups allow individuals to see the contact information of current owners of domains. Enabling these protection options ensures that your information is kept private.

Additional tips for backordering

Since most registrars only charge you if they are able to get the domain for you, you can backorder the same domain through several sites. This will increase your chances of getting the particular domain you want. Plus, if you do acquire the domain you will only be paying the service who actually got it for you. Increase your chances of getting the domain you want!

Another tip to keep in mind is that if multiple users place a backorder for a domain and the domain backorder service attains it they will most likely hold a private auction. This auction will be held with the users who placed backorders for the domain. To ensure you get the domain, place a bid as close to the close of the auction as possible.

How can Sav help with backorders?

Choosing the right domain registrar with an exceptional domain backorder service is of the utmost importance. Registrars help you in your quest to attain the best domains. Using a provider like Sav will ensure you have a seamless experience while backordering valuable domains.

Ana Hobson

Ana Hobson

Ana Hobson is a marketing coordinator at Sav.